Top 5 PTC sites in 2018 [List of trusted and paying sites]

Top 5 PTC sites in 2018 [List of trusted and paying sites]

This Top 5 PTC sites will help you to earn a steady income from home without any investment.

Are you searching the ways to earn 200$ per month by viewing ads online in spare time then you are safe here because I am giving you top PTC site list that you are looking for.

Before start, I clear you some doubt that this is not quick rich scheme to make money, It need effort and some time to spend online to make your financial condition better.

What you need to start:

Nothing will have to invest here, you just have Android phone or laptop with some time of course minimum 1-2 hours daily,that’s it.

How you can receive your payment:

  1. you need Paypal, Payza or Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have creat now.
  2.  Minimum threshold payment 2-5$ depends on sites paying criteria.

How much you can earn from PTC sites:

Simple your Estimated income from PTC sites that not guaranteed but it depends on your hard work and dedication to put in to it. Fairly example, Let’s suppose:

if you just click 10 ads daily by own then 0.01$ * 10= 0.10 per day.

You have 50 referral and they do same then 0.1$ *10 *50= 5$ per day.

Total earning 5$*30= 150$ per month

This is just by using single site if you join 5-10 sites then you can calculate your earning.

That’s awsome, Join now and start earning:

                          Top 5 Ptc ( Paid-to-click) site listed below:

  1. Clixsense: This is world most Trusted GPT sites and best PTC paying since 2007. It offers you various ways to earn like Viewing ads, shop online, paid surveys, Micro tasks and paying Grid game daily adn referring other.

Join now: clixsense

Also read step by step clixsense guide:

Put all details required specially correct email that you can get more task and surveys notification directly in your inbox.

2. Ojooo is Most trusted and best paying since 2013. It gives more earning option like watching ads,ojooo share,Ojooo games etc.

Wad.Ojooo is PTC website in which you can earn money by simply viewing the advertisements. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.035 per advertisement you view for 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You can view around 100 advertisements everyday.

Join now: Wad.Ojooo

Minimum payment 5$

Also you can more by referral commission so, refer as much you can.

3. Yougetprofit

This is most Unique program PTC+Revenue share paying since 2 years:4. Neobux:This is another popular genuine PTC site and paying user since April 2008. You can get paid 0.002$ per click and minimum payout is 2$ and instant you can withdraw payment and you can get paid via PayPal, Payza. However, there is very low amount for click still you can make more money via referring other members.

5.Buxvertise: This is one of best Legit and paying one time with no issue since 2013.If you upgrade then you can earn by purchasing rental referral and inviting direct joining.

Join now:Buxvertise or by clicking on Banner image below:


Also read: How can 200$ per month by surveys program without investment.

If you have any doubt regarding above mentioned program then ask me! Love and share this with other who are looking to earn online without investment.

Thanks! Spread love and sharing.

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