Social media trends 2018 that will help in your marketing

In this post, we especially will talk about social media trends 2018 which you can use and optimize for marketing. In 2018 we are hoping to see the new thing that will come out with new technological advancement and few social norms will also change this year. Here we are talking about 5 social media trends which will impact your businesses in 2018.

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Social media trends 2018:

As you know, social media is playing important roles for marketing or building brands from scratch. We have seen a lot of changes happens during 2017 and make more effective for users. Twitter upgraded character count 280 and Snapchat also add their camera filter features with new user interface after that they grew 17% new user.

So, here we have prepared a list which is 5 social media trends 2018 in which we will share all new the stuff. We have seen a lot of stories shared that has Facebook lured Snapchat users to Instagram. US president communicated official policy positions to 140 characters. And also Apple announced plans to alter the way we interact with our mobile devices and lot more things happened during last year.

Now, come to the point what are those rumors included in social media trends 2018.

1. Videos Promotion:

Marketing through videos can make product awareness on social media. Everyone knows Video content growing massively recent year and will keep forever because this formats to leverage the brand. Facebook added the live streaming function that Celebrity, Marketers are using to promote the product or brands and engage with their users.

In 2018, more brands will begin to realize the power of live streaming and will incorporate it into their social media strategies. A report says that the number of user on social media will be 3 Billion till 2021. So, It’s a good news for social media marketer to attract new customer for generating more leads to their clients.

statista reports

Now, over 200 million Instagram user who are using Instagram stories each month. At this rate, Nearly Half of Instagram user will be using stories by the end of 2018. You can take advantage and use stories to showcase their businesses.

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2. Chatbot Services:

Basically, chatbot is a software application which built to simulate human conversation. It works as a customer service representative to the customers. Chatbot assists people 24/7 and helps to improve revenue engaging with potential customers. This is an ideal solution – especially when they’re used through Facebook Messenger.

A chatbot is now becoming more useful because of celebrity or big brand which has millions of follower so they can’t interact every customer. In that case, Chatbots help by creating one-to-one interactions with each follower and responding immediately.

UBISEND, 2016 mobile messaging reports” 45.8% individuals would rather contact a business through messaging than email.

Today, there are at least 100,000 monthly active bots on Facebook Messanger, and over two billion messages are exchanged between brands and users each month. You can use it if you haven’t then 2018 year may be to do so.

3. Live streaming videos:

This has become the important part of promoting brands with the real-time attention of followers. Every big brand or even smaller has also started using live streaming and interacting with their users or followers.

As an example: GORUCK a backpack manufacturer which is a medium size brand and has grown its reach by live streaming compelling content on Facebook. There are a lot of such examples who build their brands then you can use these tactics too.

4. Targeting Generation Z:

Generation Z is next thing which was designed for marketing. It simply means that focusing on product or customer service. If you don’t follow this rule your then all marketing strategies will fail.

A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs shows that Generation Z is more valuable to most organizations than millennials. Brands should begin to shift from a millennial-first social strategy to a Gen Z strategy that focuses on platforms loved by Gen Z, including Snapchat and Instagram.

  • Integration should be done with people, customers and influencers to build them own brand.
  • Share inside story with a clear picture and be possible as authentic.
  • Build quality products and focus on social influence.
  • Talk while walking because the customer could get what do you do.

Overall, You can say Gen Z is becoming a new innovative thing of that including social media trends 2018 which will be proven authentic experiences.

5. Content optimization:

Content is the most important part that you can’t ignore it. You should have more focus on Content which always be king. You can use content marketing tool for creating best content that based on your user experience.

When you utilize user personas to determine the content you create across each social media platform, you’re able to give your audience content that answers their specific problems–not guesses at them. Creating personalized content means creating more engaging content, which is a top priority according to MarketingProfs (and the graph below).

Top Priorities for B2C Content Creators.

Content should be relevant otherwise nothing will work for you because everyone wants content. You can create a poll on social media and ask what your user want to see in next. After getting results from the poll will help you to engage more with users.


This way you can handle and have included in Social media trends 2018 that surely gonna help you. You can learn and practice on your upcoming promotion or maximize your profits. If any question leave the comment or got your answer then please spread on social media that people can use out there. Keep motivating us and Don’t forget subscribe our blog to stay updated: