Top 350+High PR Do follow Web 2.0 submission sites list 2018

Top 350 + High PR Web 2.0 submission sites list 2018> Here We Go: This is also an Off-page SEO technique which helps to get high-quality backlinks for your websites. In this post, I will talk how to get quality backlinks from a High authority website which have high DA, PA that is important for link building strategies.

Before, We start Let’s understand Web 2.0 submission sites in detail.

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What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 submission sites are very important in Search engine optimization for link building. With this tactics, you can rank higher in the search result which was first introduced in 1999. The term ” Web 2.0” which means Word wide web for end users that anyone can access around the globe. Web 2.0 is a new version of technologies in web development that people were used during 1999-2005. It emphasises user-generated content, usability, interoperability for end users to collaborate and share information online. Read also: High PR directory submission sites list in 2018.

Most of the Web 2.0 submission sites allow people to create their own micro niches blog for free. An example- Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium all are web 2.0 submission sites where you can share your thoughts without paying any fee for a domain or hosting. These are the best ways to express yourself and also if you own a blog or website then you can get backlinks from there in your content.

What are the benefits of Web 2.0 submission?

These are the high authority Web 2.0 submission sites which have high DA, PA and getting backlinks can also increase Your website DA, PA too. The main advantages i.e You will get Do follow backlink and increase referral traffic because of Millions of user are on these high pr web 2.0 sites.

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Some of the main benefits of Web 2.0 submission sites:

  • Get high quality Do follow backlinks.
  • Engagement level is high.
  • Best free method to build healthy and quality backlinks.
  • Increase DA, PA of your website or blog very fast.
  • Drive tons of traffic free( Write good content and link to your blog).
  • It is useful to promote your brand or blog easily.

How to submit a blog to Web 2.0 sites?

This is a very easy process that will apply almost same on these High PR Web 2.0 submission sites list 2018. Just follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

  1. Create a blog: First thing that you have to create a blog or micro niche website on these given Web 2.0 submission sites below.
  2. Post an article: Write down a quality post with minimum 400-500 words using Keyword that you want to rank. Include the keyword o which you want backlinks must be in articles.
  3. Build Backlinks: You have to have already a blog post that you can link to Web 2.0 submission sites. Make sure link should be Do follow not, No follow.
  4. Publish post: Check all the above three steps before publishing. If all things arranged properly then hit publish a post button. Don’t forget to submit links to Google to index faster.

[Note: Just add a 2-3 link to one blog post]

Similarly follow the same steps on all the following Web 2.0 submission sites list below:

Top 350+ High PR Web 2.0 submission sites list:

Here is the list of High PR web 2.0 submission sites:

S.No.Web 2.0 sites liistPRDomain AuthorityAlexa rank(Global)
7. Rediff.com781469

All are real-time information that we have listed here about High PR web 2.0 submission sites. There are a bunch of sites available on the internet but we picked web 2.0 submission sites only which are working with mentioned site details.


These are verified Web 2.0 backlinks enable sites where you can signup and create backlink by posting relevant content with minimum 500-600 words which are advisable to get 2-3 backlinks from each posting. Keep visiting for more updates that we add to the list or remove which stopped working time to time. I hope you liked. Thanks! Please share if you found it useful that other also could be benefited.

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