Best 50 Sites to Watch TV Series Online Free Full Episodes Without Downloading

Are you looking for sites to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading? If yes then this is a post for you. We have found the best movie downloading sites where you can watch tv online free streaming. These days people love movies streaming and watch TV shows online free. Old days have gone where you have to go theatre for watching newly released movies and standing in a long queue for tickets.

Now, everything becomes online even, you can book movie tickets and enjoy the free online movie streaming. You don’t have to sign up and pay to watch movies & TV shows.

It seems like digital space is going to soon completely occupy traditional theatrical exhibitions. People are visibly more inclined towards the digital channels for all the comfort and convenience. they provide to watch TV shows online free from home. One doesn’t need to necessarily sit at one place, or compulsively watch a boring scene. Rather, here one gets the privilege of watching as per choice, to skip a certain section or forward.

Above all, one doesn’t even need to download movies. Interestingly, all these facilities have started being availed absolutely for free. No matter one wishes to watch tv shows online free streaming, there some excellent Best sites to watch free tv shows online.

In this context, listed below are some of the finest recommendations of the sites where one can watch things for free, without feeling the need to download.

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50 Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online Free & series full episodes without downloading:

These are the best sites to watch TV shows online free streaming. Latest TV streaming and watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading. Enjoy High-quality videos & free tv shows online no signup required to watch series online & TV shows.

1. Tubi TV: Watch TV shows online free

It is perhaps the best free tv streaming site in terms of navigation. The site doesn’t even put users in hassles of registration and all. Moreover, there are varieties of categories available to choose contents from. Ranging from science fiction to action, one can find movies and TV shows of all genres over here. All that the user needs is to open an account, which too comes absolutely for free and watch TV shows online free.

Interestingly, the site allows users to save unfinished movies to watch later. They have a smart search engine that recommends related videos or contents as per the searches made by the users. It is an absolutely legal platform to watch content as Tubi gets it all in an authentic way being in partnership with leading studios. One may download their application on android and iOS as well for a greater experience.

2. Porpcornflix: Watch TV series Online free

Porpcornflix is another fantastic platform or those who wish to watch tv shows online free streaming. It provides a huge range of flicks and shows for the audiences. Here as well, one doesn’t need to fulfill formalities of signing up and all.

Those who want the classic shows explicitly from the late 90s, this can be an incredible platform. However, the site provides fresh content, as well. Along with movies and shows, the site provides viral videos as well. Along with the web, one may download their application on various platforms, ranging from iOS, android, to XBOX.

3. Snagfilms:

Snagfilms, too offer a huge range of content for the audiences and Stream free TV shows. Though the platform doesn’t provide the ease of exploring things through categories but is indeed one of the finest to find the rarest watch series online free.

There is no obligation to create an account here. Yes, some pre-roll ads certainly appear on the site. As far as quality is concerned, it is decent. It can be stream on phones and desktops though watchseries website that provides content without even registering, certain sections upon being registered to provide explicit content.

4. Vudu:

Vudu is one of the incredible to enjoy the latest movies and to watch tv shows online free streaming. There is absolutely no compulsion of any registration and all. The best part, the quality of content delivered is outstanding that stream tv shows online free.

The site provides watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading up to 4k UHD quality video and can be used upon any device. Apart from smartphones, the site can be easily accessed through devices like smart TVs as well. The free contents come with ads. Those who want to enjoy without ads may go with rent option or buy. The best part it shows the rating of the movies or stream watch free tv online shows & series.

5. LookMovie:

Look Movie, too, provides a massive range of contents. Basically, here one can explore online free TV shows and the movies. One of the distinguishing parts about the site is that it enables the users to filter the selection of the movies as per the release, genre, rating, etc. It absolutely doesn’t ask for any kind of registration and all. Above all, there is no disturbance in terms of ads or pop-ups while watching TV series online HD.

6. Yesmovies: Best Movie streaming site no sign

Yesmovies can be another fine platform to watch tv series online free. The site gets thoroughly updated very much as soon as fresh episodes are released.

It is quite a user-friendly platform where one can easily explore free online tv streaming from different nations, as per ratings, genres, etc. Navigating through the site is super simple. Though one as to go through ads while watching, its extent is indeed quite less to ensure that the viewer doesn’t get annoyed.

7. Watch free:

As the name suggests, the site is one of the finest ways for those who want to watch tv series online free. The site doesn’t just publish content; it keeps getting updated as well with fresh content released recently. Comparatively, the site is quite user-friendly.

The most interesting part about the site is its top hundred section comprising top-ranked movies of all time. The quality is fairly good, and one doesn’t need any registration affair.

8. Putlocker:

Putlocker is another free movie streaming site where one can search for specific type contents of specific genres, TV shows, IMDB ranked sites, etc. It has a unique feature through which a user manages to watch movies they discover through random lists those appear. One doesn’t need any registration process or create an account and streaming movies & watch TV shows online free full episodes without downloading.

However, it’s true that some ads do appear while watching the contents on Putlocker, which is fairly low. So you can use NortonVPN and block unwanted ads.

9. Hotstar:

Hotstar perhaps needs no introduction. This is India’s largest premium streaming platform. The specialty of the site is that you can watch TV shows online in different languages and of different localities are aired. Including English, one can find content in 17 different languages on the site. They have over 100000 hours of Drama and movies.

Along with movies and TV shows, the site also sections for sports, Live Cricket, and news. In fact, they cover popular sports tournaments live as well.  However, there are paid premium accounts for watching the newly released movies and web series. It is especially one of the finest platforms for Asian movies and content.

10. Movie4u:

Undeniably, Movie4u has one of the most advanced user interfaces as far as free streaming platforms are concerned. The different categories provided here for accessing contents makes it even more exciting. There are six categories that include IMDB, most trending, apart from movies, shows, ratings, and featured.

The platform provides both newly released shows and classic shows, all under a single platform. There is no special registration required in it to watch TV shows online free. Moreover, there is no disturbance in terms of ads and pop-up assured.

11. KeckTV:

KeckTV can be an exciting platform to watch free movies online. The site doesn’t demand any kind of registration; the ads running over the site is quite nominal as well.

However, the aspect that makes the site so much of in buzz is the massive collection it provides for the users. Starting from the flicks to shows, there is a huge range to explore upon searching. It comes with an interesting classification of contents, including the top 200, most trending, and currently airing. In short, through such smart and precise classification, the site provides an excellent collection of movies, shows, etc.

12. SeeHDmovies:

Seehdmovies is one of the fantastic platforms to watch free movies online, as well as the shows. However, one has to deal with the ads while coming across the contents.

Also, one has to create an account over here. Though it allows a user to watch TV shows Online free without an account, it doesn’t allow putting comments or giving ratings of the contents without logging in. The site comes with a unique feature that lets the users know about when a specific show or movie will be released.

13: TV box:

TvBox is quite a simple and user-friendly online streaming site providing exciting shows, and interesting features like a calendar section informing about when the forthcoming episode of a popular show is expected to be released.

The best part, it can be one of the explicit sites to discover the most loved classic shows of the 2000s. There is no need for any kind of registration or any kind of account creation formalities. The number of ads appearing is quite nominal as well.

 14. Crackle:

Crackle is quite a popular online streaming website authorized by Sony. Those looking for a quality platform to watch series online free tv shows are sure to like it the most.

The best part about the site is quite versatile and thus can fulfill the taste of all. The experience quality it provides is quite nice, ensuring regular updates.

The site is equally user-friendly being updated at regular intervals. The platform can be enjoyed through smartphones as well as using apps of it on android and iPhone. Above all, the contents are absolutely authentic or legal to be watched free.

15. Retrovision:

Retrovision is quite a simple and user-friendly platform to watch movies stream and TV shows free. To be specific, those interested in classic collections of movies and shows are quite obvious to like the platform. One can thoroughly explore contents as per their genre or taste. Making things easier, there is a search bar as well to easily find the desired content. It doesn’t need any kind of registration and creation of account.

16. CMoviesHD:

CMoviesHD is another fine platform to enjoy movies and Watch TV shows online free. An interesting part about the platform is that it gets updated in a quite consistent fashion. There are no hassles of registration and all for enjoying the contents here.

One can easily find the recently released movies and shows due to the smart categorization it provides, in terms of the nations and genres. Simply upon clicking on the genre, it explodes the user with a massive range of collections.

17. Yidio:

Yidio is a fantastic platform for anyone to watch TV series online. The platform provides a massive collection of flicks and shows in a much sleek fashion than anything else.

It doesn’t even require the user to register over the site. The categorization is primarily genre-based, which makes it quite user-friendly to be explored. All that a user needs is to put a click on the specific genre and search for the desired movie.

18. ShareTV:

Share TV is enriched with a fine user-interface making it supremely simple and fast to find content. The platform allows users to look for shows and movies directly with its name. In fact, it allows users to search for movies and TV shows with the name of a celebrity as well. Watch your favorite TV shows full episodes.

However, the site is basically divided into categories, including browse, schedule, and update. Upon clicking on browse, it makes the entire genre evident along with the entire network that it covers. Upon exploring schedule, one can find the dates of the upcoming movies to be released in the concerned week.’

19. Go Movies:

Go Movies is quite a simplistic free online movie streaming platform to watch free movies online. There is no need for registration over here or creating an account.

The best part about the site is that it allows users to enjoy movies and shows in Full HD. The performance of the site or the streaming quality is equally excellent as the site is backed by multiple servers. In short, the site is thoroughly reliable.

The quality of the movies or the contents is quite excellent; one can stay assured about HD 1080 p contents. Interestingly, there is a contact section as well that allows users to put details about their interests or requirement. Most importantly, they are quite responsive to requests. It allows users to watch TV series online free.

20. Watch TV series Online Free:

This is a fantastic platform to enjoy movies and to watch tv series online free. The platform is categorized quite well, which allows users to explore content in terms of genre, IMDB, movies, as well as in terms of requests.

In short, the platform makes things thoroughly simple and convenient in terms of exploring fresh content upon doing extensive research. Moreover, there is a section for blogs and reviews as well, where they provide reviews and various kinds of updates.

21. CW TV-shows:

CW network is an excellent platform for enjoying TV show contents featuring Katy Keene, Riverdale, All American, Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Charmed, Legacies, Supergirl, The Flash, Supernatural and movies at the same place.

A key advantage of the site is that it consistently updates the site with fresh stuff. However, it’s a fact at the same time that they are known about removing Flash shows from the sites. As far as the qualitative aspect is concerned, it is indeed up to the mark. The site doesn’t really need any hassle of registration and filling up contact forms.

 22. Time 4 Tv:

The site is indeed one of the finest of its kind to watch tv shows online free streaming. Apart from the channels of the US, the UK, the site brings a range of news channels and various informative contents as well.

The quality delivered is excellent, and there are no issues of registration and all. However, the pop-ups ads might be felt a little more than the regular cases.

23. Tv player:

The site is such distinguishing as it offers the scope of enjoying shows of more than 50 channels absolutely for free. However, there are paid edition as well, which is called the premium edition and provides a limitless amount of options for TV channels or shows. Additionally, the paid edition or premium edition brings additional features, like the support of the applications. It provides the option of recording live TV shows as well.

24. 123movies:

123movies is one of the popular free online movie streaming sites are quite known for the immensity it comes up in terms of collections. The good news is that the huge collection of TV shows and movies are thoroughly categorized for easy finding.

Finding the desired movie from the categories of trending, genre, and rating is much easier than anticipated. The site is quite user-friendly as well, involving issues of no registration and all. Just browse for free stream watch episodes online.

25. Movies joy:

Movies Joy brings the right platform for all those who want to watch tv shows online free. A smart organization of the contents within the site is something that makes it the most exciting. Here one can find contents as per the categorization like ‘genre; ‘top IMBD,’ ‘TV series,’ and ‘country.’ Making things easier brings the option to filter the outcomes and explore the ‘suggestions.’ The site provides content in the best HD quality.

26. Shout Factory:

Shout Factory is an amazing platform known for its incredibly explicit content. Those looking for classic hits of the 90s era should definitely check in to the site.

It has the most distinguishing categorization, including live events as well, other than films and originals. It offers movies of various genres and doesn’t demand any registration. However, there will be ads without registration and absolutely zero ads.

27. Archive:

People interested in watching classic contents, including TV shows and documentaries for free, should definitely check in to the site. The site holds a great reputation for providing specific results as it has the most powerful search section.

The site, however, uploads contents that are recorded through TVs. You can find almost all popular stream movies online and download them for free.

28. Squid TV:

Squid TV is one of the finest platforms to watch tv shows online free streaming. The distinguishing part about the site is that it can be the one-stop destination for a whole range of live TV shows. The site is fairly user-friendly.

Having the contents arranged thoroughly in an alphabetic manner makes things easy for the users to find the right movie or show easily. There are three sections, including nation, language, apart from genre.

The other aspect that makes it unique is that the site helps users gain access to live to a stream of the channels over the globe if it has its website. In this context, it functions by rerouting the user to the desired size on the live stream, enabling the user to find the desired content quickly. The quality of the videos is fairly good.

There are the least hassles of registration, pop-ups, etc. All in all, the site provides a great experience for users or visitors.

29. Airtel Xstream:

Airtel Xstream is simply a massive platform providing more than 10k movies and TV shows. That’s not the whole story as the site offers 350 live TV channels as well, which is expected to grow even sooner. The site not just provides the greatest variety but also assures users about the best quality possible. Though the site is absolutely free to watch the contents, the only concern is that it is available only for the Airtel users.

Here the user is asked for the airtel number and OTP for verification purposes. It thus can be claimed that one can’t use the site without registration. Those who don’t mind the little registrations formalities would certainly claim it as the best site.

30. MX player:

MX Player is an exciting site to watch TV series online free, including movies and shows as well. Those who are primarily interested in Indian content would indeed find it the most significant platform offering fresh content absolutely for free.

It is here to note that Indian doesn’t only confine it with Indian movies only; one can explore Indian movies in English as well. Above all, the number of contents provided over the site is simply immense. There is an explicit section meant for those interested in news and sports as well. And, there is no hassle of registration and all to enjoy contents.

31. Movie Watcher:

Those who are interested in enjoying movies and free streaming tv shows in terms of their ratings would no doubt find the site enchanting. The contents are offered absolutely to watch TV shows online free and in the best quality, i.e., in HD.

The site brings a complete collection of episodes of popular TV series over the web on this platform as well. The site boasts contents in terms of IMDB ratings, latest updates, year of release, most viewed, and in terms of most popular.

It doesn’t ask for any kind of registration. One simply has to find the concerned TV show and put a click on the specific episode to be watched.

32. TV Box – Watch TV shows Online Free:

TV BOX is supremely popular platforms where one can enjoy watch tv series online free. However, the site is meant mostly for the TV shows, though there are a fairly good number of old classic shows and documentaries to be explored. One can enjoy full episodes entirely without any disruption, and without any expense.

33. Shush:

Shush is one of the incredible free tv streaming sites enabling users to stream tv shows free the contents absolutely for free. This is currently one of the most buzzed online platforms to enjoy TV series, absolutely for free, in best quality (i.e., in full HD).

The site stores contents in its massive database of categories, including ‘TV shows,’ ‘reality shows,’ and ‘movies.’ The site is incredibly user-friendly and systematic for quick finding. Though one might have to deal with many ads while watching movies & TV shows free, all these can be easily blocked upon using adblocker. All that one need is to click on the name of the TV series and then on the episodes and do watch.

34 Project Free TV:

As it is evident through the name, Project Free Tv can be an incredible platform to enjoy the best quality TV shows over the web. One can explore the line-up of most popular online episodes as well through the site. The site brings content in the best possible quality. Needless is to say that the site is immensely popular around the globe. However, the only issue is that there is no proper listing of the movies on this site.

35 Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is undoubtedly the most highlighted platform to watch free movies online & TV series. There are many advantages, like unwanted ads and all over the site. The site has been highly promising in terms of its quality as well. There is a plethora of TV series to be explored as well. Though there is a paid version for the latest arrivals, the free platform also provides significant collection. Try it’s 30 days free trial.

36. Fmovies – Best free Movie streaming Site:

Fmovies is one of the finest platforms to enjoy free movie streaming of the best quality, i.e., in HD, which is legally absolutely acceptable. There are no issues with signing up and all. All that one needs to deal with is ads and pop-ups appearing in between. However, the same can be easily dealt with using an ad blocker.

37. WatchSeries.Rocks :

WatchSeries Rocks is a cool place for all those in search of watch free movies online in a legally accepted way. There is no issue of doing registration and all. All that the user is expected to do is clicking on the thumbnail for the desired TV series, and that’s it! Next, one has to go with the Server 1 option for streaming free TV series desired.

38. Rainerland:

LookMovie is a cool platform to find an excellent collection for those who want to watch series online. There is no need for a user to worry about doing registration and all. The user interface is quite excellent, making things super smooth in terms of navigation and finding desired collections. The best part, the issues of pop-up and ads is also quite less.

39. BMovies:

BMovies is a fantastic place to watch free movies online & TV shows. The site comes up with a massive collection in its library, providing immense variety to get stuck with it. The best part, it is already quite popular for bringing the most popular movies or contents in one place. There is no obligation for registration and all. It can be the one-stop destination for exploring both Bollywood and Hollywood movies in one place. It provides handy details about the genre, synopsis, rating, etc. as well.

40 Cartoon HD:

Cartoon HD is an equally fantastic site for those who want to enjoy TV series and films online for free, in the best HD quality. The site doesn’t really need any registration for accessing content. Most importantly, the contents provided are thoroughly legal. The navigation is quite easy that can be equally convincing for users of all experience levels.

41. Vumoo:

Vumoo is a nice streaming platform for anyone interested in exploring fresh content like TV shows and movies. Here they provide an excellent search engine making things simpler to find the best content. It is quite a user-friendly site with an excellently designed interface for providing the simplest way for the users to explore content.

42 Pluto TV:

This is one of its kinds of streaming platforms for those interested to watch TV shows online free streaming. The contents provided over the site are legally accepted to be enjoyed for free. Along with regular entertainment content, it provides excellent collections of news and sports as well, along with daily soaps. The site provides a great variety of contents ranging from comedy to educational channels like NASA as well.   


MkvMad provides an excellent collection of movies and other entertainment content in 1080p HD quality. One can watch for free without feeling the hassle of signing up and all. The site is quite user-friendly and gets updated at regular intervals as well.

44 StreamFlixPro:

StreamFlix Pro is another enchanting platform to watch TV shows online free streaming. The site is enriched with an excellent user-interface providing easy access to the contents. However, it asks for signing-up for free watching.

45 King is a hugely popular platform enabling users to watch movies online free & TV shows. The best part is that the quality of the content is terrific. In fact, it provides privilege for the users to ask for details of what others are enjoying.

46 Coto Movies:

Coto Movies is a user-friendly platform offering the privilege for the movie and TV show enthusiast to watch contents absolutely for free, in a legally accepted way. One can download the CotoMovies app and enjoy the content, anytime, anywhere for free.


This is one of the finest platforms to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloadingStarting from the language movies to shows, it provides all through the site. Interestingly, the site allows users to go through captions in specific languages, keeping the audio in English only.

48 is one of the incredible platforms enabling users in enjoying free movies and TV shows. The interface is quite excellent providing smooth access for the users. It is known for keeping the library updated inconsistent fashion.


MoviesJoy is an absolutely free movie streaming site that promises zero interruptions due to ads. There are no issues with registration or downloading movies for free. Rather, the site provides a collection of 10000 movies and Stream free TV-Series.

50 Noxx:

Noxx is also a free tv streaming sites that allow users to watch free movies online, without demanding any kind of signing up. The quality of content is quite excellent, and it allows users to explore content in terms of genre.


Our main purpose to save your time and provides the best sites that can help you to watch tv shows online free without signup. These are the Top free tv streaming sites to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading.

If you have still questions like “where to watch tv shows for free” or “can I watch tv online for free” then let me know to comment below and use VPN before visiting these free online streaming sites. Enjoy your favorite movies and watch TV shows online free.