Why is SEO important for your website { 6 reason that you should know)

Why is SEO important for your website? As you know, SEO is most important factors that you can’t ignore for ranking your website. There are many things that have come under SEO which is required to play and get rank higher in search results.

If your website is not SEO optimized then your content has no values. I agree that content is a key but at the same time, some major action must be taken that will increase in getting traffic.

Here, we will talk about Why is SEO important for your website?

Google is a popular search engine where over 4 Billion searches a month via Smartinsights. So having a website with proper SEO optimization techniques needs to be done for getting visibility which is not an easy task.

A research that tells this statics below:

  • 81% of shoppers do the search on Google before making any big purchase
  • 93% of people search on Google for finding their answer.

So, now you think business without an online presence is dead. There are a lot of startups or business owners who want their business in Google. Making websites is easy but getting traffic from Google is only considerable who has responsive and SEO optimized content or websites.

SEO is good for business visibility and branding. When people search your products or services you should be on top in ranking if possible that can generate more revenue or lead for you. This may happen only when your website is good SEO score then chances of ranking higher in a search engine.

What means of SEO optimized?

This is vast which you can’t learn in an hour or a day but understands in short. Your website has proper Keyword placement, Meta tags, Meta description, fast loading, responsive design etc.

SEO is of two types 1) On page SEO in which you do SEO on websites 2) Off-page SEO- Outside you blog.

Off-page SEO includes social bookmarking, Link building, Guest posting, Directory & forum submission. This will helps to make a website more visible and also increase Domain authority to your websites.

First audit your website that is everything good in term of SEO If not then does fix all the mistakes that you made. After that start working on all related to SEO either you can hire an expert or do by yourself. Why is SEO important for your website?

Advantages of SEO on your websites or blog:

  1. Save money on branding:

The companies spend thousands of Dollars on branding but you can save that money. Only you need time or some patience that you can do using SEO. It takes time to create a good piece of content on focus topic that you want to rank on then create backlinks using OFF page SEO techniques. As your content mature, Google will crawl fast and increase the authority of that page then it will start showing in organic results.

  1. Get tons of traffic-free:

You can get tons of traffic-free just for ranking a specific keyword. When people search that keyword on Google then result of your website will be on top and people start visiting that will increase your CTR.

If your CTR is high that means chances of getting clicks will also be higher. This way you can drive tons of traffic for free and try to rank on more keyword that can give you more traffic as well.

  1. Make passive income:

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketing then you can convert it in a money-making machine. You can promote various things that are relevant to your content in a blog post. This guy has made more than $2 million in a year. It seems difficult but not impossible. Everything depends on consistent work or brand awareness which take time.

4. Brand awareness:

If your business shows on top of the search results that’s means people trust you and Google consider it as a brand. This way you can target your audience and make leads for your business. A report by Junto that 75% people never scroll to the next page in Google or any search engine. If you are not on the first page then you are missing potential visitors. So, optimize your website using SEO and achieve the result.

5. Good result for the long term:

The effect of Good SEO is long lasting that will pay not sudden but definitely for the long run. So, always keep up-to-date with Google and also follow big SEO expert or marketers. By using analytics you can access the data of visitors and their interest or behavior or build an email list that will give you profits. You can see the term or queries people are using to find your website. This type of customer data is very useful that’s Why is SEO important for your website.

6. Follow the competitors they are already doing it:

Competitors can help you a lot because you can see their content or keywords. If you need rank higher than competitors then you have to write better content for the correct keyword. I would suggest you always focus on a long tail keyword that attracts more visitors which are insane. Always do best what your competitors are doing then you can gain rank higher in search engine result.


Now You knew Why is SEO important for your website. Follow these tips and work hard on your keyword. It needs some patience that will benefit your business in long run. Not worked and leave as it is otherwise your work will suck. So, maintain it regularly when needs or new updates release happen by Google. Follow the Google updates time to time to before work for SEO on your objectives. I hope you found it useful please share it. If any question lets me know via Comment. Keep visiting.