How To Hack WiFi using WPS WPA Tester App

WPS WPA Tester App:

We all love the opportunity of getting access to something free; and when it comes to the internet, then we are on top of the world.  There are many places where we can get access to free WI-Fi and internet. However, in situations where you need to access it and require a password, it gets tough.

It is not easy to get access to somebody’s WI-FI or internet. Today almost everybody has a password set in order to secure his or her network. It is also done to ensure there is no unauthorized access to the network. Well, this is something that you no longer have to worry about especially if you have an android phone.

You can easily borrow or log on to anybody’s network by using a hacking app. There are different kinds of hacking apps on the market, but most of them are premium apps that require payment. No doubt, there are free apps as well, but some of them are not that effective. Well, do not get disheartened by this, because you can still hack into somebody’s network with a very useful app called the WPS WPA Tester App.

Wps Wpa Tester is published in Hacking Passwords category and it is develope By Sangiorgi Srl. This can be an android application to determine if Password is weak at the WPS standard protocol.

With this particular app, you are able to complete this check into any network, however it is suggested for doing things completely all on your own. To make use of the app properly, you are going to require a rooted device and the application ‘busybox’ installed. Otherwise, many of the features will not work.

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What is the WPS WPA Tester App?

The WPS WPA Tester application is designed to help in two different ways. The first way is where it lets you know if there are any vulnerabilities to the access point of your WPS protocol. Through this app, you can make periodic checks on your personal network, and others have as well to see if anybody can hack into it. You can do WPS WPA tester premium free download from below to get started from Google’s Play Store.

WPS WPA Tester App

The other way that it helps is by letting you get access to somebody else’s Wi-Fi. Through this app, you can log on and browse the net even if you do not have the PIN. You can easily gain the PIN through the application itself. Although you can use this app without Busybox, however, for better functions and use, it is recommended that you should download the Busybox. This will also help to use all the different features available it the WPS WPA Tester App.

Actually experienced the requirement of protecting your WiFi from other people? Most of the time, we discover our networks remaining broken by unknown attackers so we only learn about that when the internet speed slows. But what when you can manage the protection of your WiFi connection forehand keeping away from the harm. This is really a product or service of these services that may secure WiFi networks by testing the connections via different Pin of Wi-fi wireless routers.


Features of the app

  • The features of a hacking app play a vital role, the same applies to the WPS WPA Tester App. A person can use his or her android smartphone in order to connect to the internet.
  • It also helps to ensure that your network is secured in every way. The best part is that you do not have to purchase any license to use this app.
  • Another benefit is that you can easily connect to any network in your neighborhood or the area where you are.
  • Keeping in mind that not every user is in a position to understand the technical aspects of hacking, the developers of the WPS WPA Tester App have made it a point to make it user-friendly.
  • Even the installation process is very simple. As soon as you download and install the app, you can use it immediately.
  • The app is so easy to operate that you do not have to get into any technicalities to understand or use it.


How does the WPS WPA Tester App Work

To gain access to any network that is secured, it is necessary that you should know its password. If you know the person, they may even go ahead and provide the security code to you. Well, even if you do not know the person, it is all right. You can still get the pin through the WPS WPA Tester App.

WPS Wpa Tester informs us a couple of things.

If our WiFi Network Is Week Than Anybody can crack The Password.

If someone else is checking our access point reading through all of the information we send out on the internet. Both of these options is really dangerous that cause personal information leaking.

First of all, tell us a little more regarding the application.

WPA WPS Tester prevents this trouble by alert you of methods which are becoming delivered within the Wi-fi. This Process Is Done Using Acess Point. The access factors are tested via various Pin saved in the app. If some of the Pin number match with the main one in an application, Wps Wpa Tester informs you using a caution message. After that, you can consider what ever actions you would like. Should you believe in the network good enough, you will continue to use the internet around that WiFi connection.

Even so, we really don’t suggest making use of access points which are warned to become dangerous.

Wps Wpa Tester can be an app with many quite interesting options. Apart from helping you to check out the protection within your point of accessibility, additionally, it enables you to See All Your security passwords for the Wi-fi networks that you have connected to from a Android device.

The app scans for Wi-Fi connections and can determine exactly what protection they’ve. When the Wi-Fi networks have WPS, the app attempt to connect with these networks simply by using a number of complex algorithms, which are not the same as each other based on the manufacturer.

The truth that Wi-fi Wps Wpa Tester Perfectly ready to connect with other networks ensures that you can use it by users to connect with networks that are not their own and also the developers alert relating to this possible attack.

Wps Wpa Tester supports Zhao, TrendNet, Dlink, Arris, and many more.


Many of the features need that this phone is rooted So Taht Application can work. Wps Wpa WiFi Protocol Tester.


Algorithms and default pins present in the WPS WPA Tester App

In order to help you get the PIN of any network, the app is equipped with various types of algorithms like Arris, Dlink, TrendNet, DLink +1, FTE-xxx, Belkin (root) AiroconRealtex, Asus, EasyBox Arcadyan, and Zhao. It also is developed to have most of the Access Point’s default PIN. The one thing that you have to remember is that this App may not be compatible with every AP you can think of.


Requirements to download the WPS WPA Tester App

  • It is recommended that you should have an Android Device with the Version 4.0 and upwards
  • Install Busy Box app
  • Install Terminal Emulator
  • Select the high signal only up to -60 or lesser than that


Using the WPS WPA tester App to hack the Wi-Fi

  • Once the download is complete, then follow the user-friendly installation procedure as per the directives.
  • Under the Settings menu, make sure that the option of Unknown Source is enabled.
  • After opening the app, it is advisable to refresh it. This is important so that you can get to know which Wi-Fi networks are close to you.

WPS WPA Tester App

  • Once the list is updated, you will get the entire list of Wi-Fi networks in front of you that are available. You can choose the one that you want to connect to with the options that are available next to the name.
  • Click on any of the ones that have a green icon that resembles a lock. The green color is an indication that you can use the Wi-Fi easily. All you need is the PIN to get into the network.
  • If you see a red-colored lock, it means that you will not be able to log on to that particular network. This is because it is a network that is has a very strong security/firewall.  This means that you should not even try to access it since it is not possible to get into the network.
  • You will get the option Try to connect, click on that option to hack into the network. You can either choose to try VERBOSE or try all (the Pin option)
  • As soon as you select the option, you would need to wait for a few seconds. After waiting for a few seconds, you will get the password of the Wi-Fi through a pop-up.
  • Finally, you can connect to the Wi-Fi by entering the password that you get through the pop-up. When you are asked to enter the PIN, just type out the passcode and enjoy browsing the internet.


We strongly recommend you to use the WPS WPA Tester app for fun or testing purposes only. Please don’t harm anyone with this app. This app is best to test the vulnerability of an internet connection. So, please use it in that direction.

Thank you for reading to the end. Please do come back for more interesting articles like this.

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